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Who are we?  St Thomas is a protestant church with a very strong English liturgy that historically traces back to Henry VIII, with the first Book of Common Prayer commissioned in 1549.  We are open to any baptized Christian and the Anglican Communion of which we are a part, has all races and nationalities. You can go anywhere in the world and experience the same service that we practice, ‘to the letter’.  Our church is a classic country parish that you may find in the Cotswolds of England. Our stained glass windows reflect the strong heritage of prominent local citizens from Salem.

We believe in one God, known to us as the Holy Trinity: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. We seek to challenge and transform the world, beginning with ourselves, and to celebrate the image of God in every person. We are a house of prayer, worship and service for everyone. All are welcomed who seek a community of love and charity.

There are many ways to participate and belong at St Thomas’s. We invite you to become part of the fabric of this community, and to join us in our commitment to "pray, grow, and serve" as the people of God. We believe that God is the lover and giver of all life and that everything we are and have comes from God. And so, on our life-long pilgrimage, we strive to mirror the love, abundance, and forgiveness of God made known to us in the person of Jesus Christ.

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Traditional Anglican Experience

512 West Main Street

Salem, Illinois 62881